Balance  'YOUR'
Body - Mind - Spirit
 To Become ALIVE is a Process of Purification & Understanding of
What HEALTHY Life Is & CAN Be.Modern life styles place a variety of
 Stresses on us that can Result in Physical, Emotional Discomforts,
 Physical llnesses and/or Diseases in many Expressions. Also Inherited
 DNA Tendencies of Dis-ease,ie: Diabetes, Allergies, Asthma,
Fibromyalgia,etc.Arthritus Create Loss of Balance-Physically,
Emotionally, Intellectually
(Thinkinlg Patterns/Degraded Character Expressions ie: Addictions, 
Bi-polar-schitzophrenia-Depression), and DISTORTED Spiritual 
Outlooks Contribute to a 'Lack' of  Wellness and 'Lack' of Vibrant-Joyful 
Health.Here at Angel Light Wellness Centers we Specialize in 
achieving Natural Health Management from Pain,
Disease & Discomfort using a variety of Traditional & 
Alternative/Complimenary Energetic processes.
Energy field Cleansing and Balancing, Living - Work space 
Energy Clearing/Charging/Balancing, Core Energetic's-Education 
and Facilitation.Intuitive Readings,Medical Intuitive Readings for Adults, 
Children, Animals (Dogs,Cats, Horses, Birds, Reptiles, and
 ALL Creatures).
 *According to Traditional Chinese Medicine & Other Energetically
Aware & Educated Cultures, Physical/Emotional-diseases may result
From: Blockages in the Flow of Energy and/or “Chi” in the Physical
Body along Energy Channels called 'Meridians '& also Within the 
Chakras (Energy Centers) of the Auric/EnergyField. 
**Please Explore this Site with an Open Mind and Open Heart to 
Understand that YOU CAN bring about a Greater BALANCE to 'Your' 
Body-Mind-Spirit if 'YOU' Desire. Pls. Call us to Schedule an
Appointment for one or more of our Many Pro Life Services.
 NO Walk-ins 
 **ONLY By Appointment for Any Service.' 
 *Pls.Visit our Other Web Sites for More Information
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                                           "THE  PATH OF BEAUTY"
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