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  CONSTANCE is a Professional Energy Therapist- A Respected Clairvoyant-Clairaudient-Clairsentient Intuitive Therapist. Her Intuitive skills and sensitivities are Pure, Clear and Refined. High Functioning Clairvoyance-Clairaudience-Clairsentence are a few of her family's and Constance's inherited genetic Intuitive Abilities, Skills and Expressions. Constance's Father was an employee of the State of Illinois to water 'Dowse' for sites to dig water wells, her Father was hired at the age of nine years old until the age of twelve for this particular Intuitive expression called 'Dowsing' for water by the State of Illinois-USA. 

  Constance has worked as a Professional Intuitive, Medical Intuitive and Energy Therapist for over 25 years. Often working with other Medical Professionals as part of a patient's 'Comprehensive' approach to their Healthcare Management. Constance has been a part of Global Environmental Awareness processes since birth having been raised on a 400 acre 'Organic' Farm in Michigan-USA. Constance's Father was a Highly trained Scientist/Chemist/Inventor-M.S.Graduate from the University of Michigan as well as an Honors Student/ always on the Dean's list, and one of the Founders of current Green'Thinking' on Environmental Awareness.

                                  Affirmational Prayer Therapies
                                  Intuitive Counseling  (All Relationships)
                                  Post Traumatic (PTS) Counseling & Therapies
                                  Energy Balancing & Stress Management 
                                  Energy Balancing Therapy Sessions (EHT)
                                  Energy Field/Auric Cleansing-Allergy De-sensitizing-Energy      
                                  Intuitive Readings(Office Appt.s/ Phone/Computer
                                      (e-mail) Local & Global Intuitive Readings-Counseling)
                                  Animal Communicator (LA Mag. 5/10 "I Speak to
                                          Furry People" Article)
                                  Teacher/Workshops-Seminars-Classes-Individual Appt.s
                                  Drawings-Sketches-Paintings of Angels
                                  Angel Readings/ Intuitive Demonstrations
                                  Shamanic Therapies-Individual Appt.s-Groups-
                                  Medical Intuitive Appointments
                                  12 Strand DNA Awareness &  Activations
                                   Personalized Intuitive Homeopathic Arts-Flower Essences                                                                                                     Aromatherapy Arts
                                  Facilitator of The Four Year 'Angel Light' Energy Therapist
                                                           Certification Program
                                  Color Healing Therapy Arts
                                  Missing People/Animals-Objects-Intuitive Detective Services
                                  Energy Space Clearings(De-cluttering) & Energy Balancing
                                  Art Therapies
                                  Animal Communicator/Animal Energy Therapist
                                  Animal Accupressure & Healing Therapies
                                  Imagery Journeying - PSI Consultant

                                  Doula Services
                                  Awareness and Healing Earth Journies to all parts of the World



The Teacher Constance will Facilitate your Journey into Sacred Subtle Energetic Realms Safely, Joyfully - Knowledgeably and Gently. Constance's Students Continue their Lifelong ego purification, Maturing-Self Development, Growing up & Evolving - Including Life-long Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual Maturing Formation Processes & Empowerment. 'Pro-Life' - 'Pro Growth' 'Pro Evolution' Conversion  Processes.
TRULY- The Never Ending Story of  Life Unfolding & Unfolding 'YOUR' Life -'YOU' DESERVE Vitality, Health, Beauty and Empowerment!!!
                               Angel Light Wellness & Educational Centers
                        "THE  PATHS OF BEAUTY -  HEALTH &  POWER"
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