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 About  Anne
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Anne has studied Natural Healing and Nutritional Therapies from Dr. Richard Schulze, a Medical Herbalist. Anne also graduated from a
 four year Healers/Energy Therapist program in 1997 facilitated by Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere.Anne has
worked as a Self Employeed EnergyTherapist at Holistic Healthcare
Services/Care For All for over 17 years.

Anne is also a Registered Nurse whose Specialized Practices
extend for over 30 years.Currently Anne works in Intensive, 
Coronary care, ICU, Cancer Units in a
 wide variety of well known Southern California Hospitals as well as Cancer & Cardiac Centers. Anne
continues to study the Healing Arts and
to continue Her own Self Development & ego purification.
.Anne desires to achieve an
even greater
expanded Self-awareness and realizations of the Subtle energetic
fields- Shamanisim and the
fine Master Arts of Energetic Therapies.

Anne engages Her Client's Healing process with a Commitment to understanding their disease process from a Holistic and Allopathic framework-which includes Balancing the Physical body, Emotions, Intellect, Spiritual life, and Guiding her Patients/Clients towards 
maintaining a Healthful Balanced, Joyful life style. Anne uses 
of Counseling & Energy Healing Therapeutic modalities to Best 
facilitate Her Clients' Healing Journey into full Spectrum Health
 and Vitality! 'Pro-Life'.

Anne looks forward to bringing a sense of Hope
 to those she serves.

With Positive Healthy life style changes Encouraged at Holistic 
Healthcare our Clients Grow more 'Healthful, Joyful, Life-full and 
Beauty-full' through the Beautiful-Wise Arts of Holistic and 
Complimentary Modalities.Anne is forever Grateful to all of her Healthcare Educators for their Time.Wisdom & Kindness.