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 About  Rebecca
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Rebecca is an Energy Therapy Counselor. Rebecca Graduated from Los Angeles University Acupuncture College. Currently she has put a
 hold focus on Counseling-Teaching and her Energy Therapy Practice Rebecca has studied Natural Healing and Nutritional Therapies from Dr. Richard Schulze, a Medical Herbalist. Rebecca also graduated from a
 four year Healers/Energy Therapist program in 1997 facilitated by Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center.

Rebecca is also a Registered Nurse whose Specialized Practices
extend for over 30 years.Currently Rebecca works in Intensive, 
Coronary care, ICU, Cancer Units, Maternity and Labor/Delivery in a
 wide variety of well known Southern California Hospitals as well as Cancer & Cardiac Centers. Recently, Rebecca completed a Specialized Four Year EnergyTherapist Program facilitated by Angel Light Wellness Centers along with Specialized Studies with the Center's Founder Constance Petro. Rebecca
continues to study the Healing Arts and
to continue Her own Self Development.Rebecca wants to achieve an
even greater
expanded Self-awareness and realizations of the Subtle energetic
fields- Shamanisim and the
fine Master Arts of Energetic Therapies.

Rebecca engages Her Client's Healing process with a Commitment to understanding their disease process from a Holistic and Allopathic framework-which includes Balancing the Physical body, Emotions, Intellect, Spiritual life, and Guiding her Patients/Clients towards 
maintaining a Healthful Balanced, Joyful life style. Rebecca uses a combination
of Counseling & Energy Healing Therapeutic modalities to Best 
facilitate Her Clients' Healing Journey into full Spectrum Health and Vitality! 'Pro-Life'.

Rebecca is a competent, skilled, Multi-talented and Enthusiastic Therapist. She looks forward to bringing a sense of Joy, Hope and
 Balance to those she serves-Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually
 and Spiritually.

With Positive Healthy life style changes encouraged at Holistic 
Healthcare our patients Grow more 'Healthful, Joyful, Life-full and 
Beauty-full' through the Beautiful-Wise Arts of Holistic and 
Complimentary Modalities.