Workshops And Classes  -  'The Path Of Beauty'
Times/Locations Contact (626) 422-7108 - Appt. Only-No Walkins
"A Class For 'Our' Times
Cost:   $25.00 per student

information and Guidance. Positive Healthful suggestions for Handling current
situations, Personally and on a larger level of your Community,
and Globally!  Fun, Joy, Insights and Fellowship.  Come join us
for "Interesting" ideas to be considered during the class,
Fellowship and Fun every class gathering!
Call for more information, times when this class meets.

"Seeking The Truthful Teachings Of Jesus"
Cost:   $35.00 per student
Gathering of 'Like Minded Individuals' whom are Seeking "Truth".  
During these gatherings we employ text
books, movies, Internet, and any other 'Source' that will guide
us into finding more Truth regarding God incarnated, whom we
call Jesus.Very Joyful evenings, Fellowship-Fun-meditation
and Enlightenment! Seeking the Truth can be fun & Joyful. Call for more information.

Cost:   $40.00 per Student
The Energy behind the Cosmos, 
Practical experience in these realms. Facts, science, physics as Always with Integrity,
Honesty, Safety and Love. Of course as always - Fun-Joy and Fellowship!

Cost:   $40.00 per Student 
Very informational and kindly received by those whom seek joy of  Monetary
Laws. These 'Laws' will guide you 'away' from negative  & unhealthy choices and temptations of mis-use of money habits.  Much data and facts of money and 'How' monetary energy flows through you with Health and/or Disease & affects all of 'your' Life.  Fellowship and always of course Fun & Joy!

Shamanisms from around the World

Mother Earth, Father Sky..The Four directions, the Four winds, the Four worlds.
Come Seek and learn. Universal Laws. Correct Imbalances in your Body, Mind and Spirit through these Balancing
Arts. Shift your Reality to more positivity! Anti arthritus, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-aging, 
anti-negative vibrations that  can lead to these diseases and other Negative diseased states of Body-Mind-Emotions.
Peruvian, Native American, African, and other Shamanism treaties of past and current,
are examined.  Very very Creative class, Experiential and Joyful! These workshops and classes do not worship any dieties.  'Guaranteed'  to raise all of 
your spirits with joy and fun!!!  Fellowship - Fun-joy and Potluck!  

ADDICTION  RECOVERY Through The Aura/Energy Field/Luminous Bodies Workshops 
Addictions abound in every Society on Planet Earth.  Why?  From an Energetic view point the Answers are 'Clear'.& Logical.
Imbalances in the aura/luminous Energy bodies eventually create physical 'Dis-ease'.  Addictions/Compulsive Behaviors, OCD, ADD, Depression, bi-polar condition, etc. are all Dis-orders capable of being transmuted into less disasterous-diseased forms of a 'living Death'. These affected/afflicted individuals experience on a daily basis-LOW vibrational energy.  Addictions are very Negative energetic states in the aura/energy bodies.  In Addiction Recovery Classes/ Workshops,  Constance Petro
Teaches the 'Hows' -'Whys'  & Causes of addiction as well as Healing processes guiding you back to 'Life' and the unfolding of Life's Positives of Peace-Serenity & Wellness-Physically-Emotionally-Intellectually & Spiritually.  
  Constance will then Guide and facilitate the Group/Individual into 'Seeing' more Clearly/Truthfully their 'Options' of Empowerment if the students 'Want' and are willing to 'Work'. ALWAYS 'Free will' and Free Choice, Health and/or Disease the Choice and the following Consequences of your Free Will Choices will be examined and discussed-WHY DO YOU Continue to Choose Dis-empowering Patterns of Dis-ease?? The Beginning of Transmuting the Negative Energies of these various Diseases begins with a 'Desire' and a personal 'Will' and Positive 'Intention' to CHANGE for the Better.Wanting 'Better' and the more Healthful Energetic Quality of LIFE begins with Knowledge.Call for Workshop/Class/Individual Sessions, Times and Locations.  Clear, Clean and Sober 'Living' is every Individuals 'Right' to Freedom and Joy -"If You WANT and are WILLING to Work for these Healthy Powerful Outcomes!".  Be prepared to Learn about the 'Law' and the Effects of Breaking the Law and/or the Effects of being Obedient to Universal Laws in your Life. "Ignorance" of Universal Spiritual Laws will only enable you to continue down Negative-Unbalanced-Unhealthy Pathways in your Life experience. Ignorance of Universal Energy Laws will NOT save you from Negative Energy Consequences and Diseases, come and Learn about the Laws of Life  -  Be  Pro-Life!!!

Cost: $25 per Student per class - $90-Hr. Private Session
Qi Gong is a marshall arts system that opens the subtle meridians of the physical body through precise physical movements.  Constance facilitates her student's process with integrity and precision-also intuitive information throughout the class.Constance employs her Clairivoyant vision to help adjust her student's movements to more powerful healthful expressions.  Each student will work at their own pace, yet be part of the group energy working as a unit. Very Powerful on many energetic levels.  Anti-arthritis, anti-stress and very joyful workout! Illness and disease are due in part to energy blocks and energy stagnations in your Energy Field and your Physical Body.  Qi Gong exercise helps to open, strengthen and charge the energy meridian system and the entire physical body with Energy and LIFE! Join us to CELEBRATE Life and BE Pro-LIFE! Qi Gong is not a spiritual exercise with worship of any diety.

Love & Light Constance ​Petro Ph.D