Therapist/Certified Energy Teacher

   Certified  Hypnotherapist

   Ca. State Certified M.A./Phlebotomist & Educator

        Graduate of Care For All Wellness and
           Healthcare Wellness Centers - Four Year Energy  Therapist/Holistic Certification Program

Roy continues to study to continue his Self Development to achieve an even greater Self-Awareness and Realizations of the Subtle Energetic fields and the Fine Master Arts of Intuitive Guidance and Energetic Therapies.  Rev. Roy
 has completed additional Energy Training One,Two & Three (Accredited Energy Master Teacher) with the Rev. Catherine Morris of the L.L.F.

Roy has a deeply Compassionate & Respectful nature towards all of our Creator's Creatures, Human kingdom, Animal kingdom, Plant kingdom and the Spiritual domains.

Roy brings a Joyful, Professional Disposition to all of his Therapeutic works.  It is always Roy's pleasure to be of 'Service'

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