Constance is a Highly qualified Animal Intuitive Therapist (May 2012 LA Magazine "I
Talk to Furry People") Constance was born on a 400 acre farm in Michigan/USA.Constance's family introduced her to the love & joy of communing
with the Animal Kingdom from her conception.Constance's Mother was an amazing horse woman/equestrian/trainer/animal communicator.Constance's maternal Grandfather
bred/trained & marketed througbred Horses for his life's career. Constance's family respects & enjoys the priviledge of deep emotional/empathic relationships with all
creatures and animals.

Constance is an Empath & Animal Communicator. She offers Private Sessions/Classes/Workshops and Demonstrations of Animal Communication.

Bring your Bow Wows/Meows/Chirp chirpers/Horses/Cows/Chickens/Cobras
Mountain lions/Eagles/Condors & Hawks/Rats-Mice & /Creepy Crawlies-Bring any Creature for an Intuitive appointment
for a Deeper Connection/Understanding and Communication of their Nature and
yours :)  Outcall appointments are available and also remote Intuitive Readings-

Blessed Be - ALL 'Creatures Great & Small'

626/422.7108 - For an Intuitive Appointment